Tuesday, 13 August 2013

New Veg Patch Coming Soon

I have some exciting news coming soon, which will involve a new veg patch (currently under design), but this time it will be an actual garden not a balcony full of containers, which I normally blog about.

I'm very excited and hope to start posting more blogs as well, once we're up and running.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Homemade Thai Chicken Noodle Soup

Its been a while, but here's a new recipe, last night I felt like being a little creative, and I'd been thinking about noodle soup since I smelt the sweet smell of my co-workers Pho soup at lunch yesterday, so I thought I'd make some of my own.

This is very simple and very quick to make, firstly I sliced the chicken, pepper sweet and mange tout beans into thin slices, in a large pan I heated the groundnut oil, once this started to smoke I added the chopped ingredients to the oil and gently stirred for a minute, then added the Thai 7 spice and cooked for a further few minutes, until you can see the chicken starting to cook and brown.

Having dissolved the vegetable stock pot in the hot water, this was then added to the pan, and turned down to a simmer level, the noodles were then added, I only had thin wheat noodles so I used these, but I have used rice noodles before, as well as the chopped and de-seeded chilli for extra heat and flavor and some black pepper to taste, this was then left to simmer for 15-20mins on the low heat.

Near to the end of cooking when the chicken looks like its completely cooked and the mixture is simmering away, add the light Soya sauce to taste.

This can then to eaten straightaway or you can turned off the heat, allow this too cool, reheat and eat another day.

                                                   Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: April 2014

x1 Chicken Breast
x1 Portion of Rice or Thin Wheat Noodles
x1 Red Pepper Sweet
A Hand Full of Mange Tout Beans
x1 Medium/Large Mild Chilli
x2/3 tsps Thai 7 Spice
x1 Vegetable Stock Pot
500ml Hot Water
x1 tbsp Groundnut Oil
Black Pepper
Light Soya Sauce

Friday, 1 February 2013

Weekend Harvest - Sept 2012

Early September last year, I was very busy on the balcony, harvesting a few of my crops and storing them away. Firstly the two varieties of the Chilies we had been growing were ready to pick, the 'Inferno Chilli' which have stayed green for a while and don't seem to want to turn red, were picked and then the red 'Hot Chilies', which are a cute small size.

Also picked were the last of the Peppers (sweet), which have grown a lot better this year and a lot bigger than the previous, they seem to have really enjoyed this year on the balcony.

The two Chilli varieties were washed placed in a bag, labeled and put in the freezer for later use and the Peppers (sweet) were also washed, but put in the fridge instead for instant use, they tasted great in a stir fry later that week.

Best Courgettes Yet 2012

Another unfinished blog I never got around to completing, last year I had a great crop of Courgettes and these were two of the best ones from each variety. Starting with my round variety called 'Tondo di Piacenza', and then my long variety called 'All Green Bush'; they look and tasted gorgeous.

Sadly I have no garden or balcony at the moment, so I will miss growing these this year.

                                                                     Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: August 2012

                                                       Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: August 2012

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Harvested Cabbage from 2012

I've just been looking through my blog which I must say I have neglected over the last few months, due to my move and I've come across a few blogs I'd started, this being one.

Last year I grew my first ever batch of Cabbage and I'm happy to say that they turned out very well. I was a little reluctant as I did loose quiet a few in the first few months, but during the summer they came on leaps and bounds and I got four great heads of Cabbage to show for it.

These have since been chopped up, blanched and put in the freezer for when I need them. So far I've made Cabbage and leftover vegetable soup with one batch.

                                                        Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: 2012

                                                        Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: 2012

                                                       Photo: Laura Lunt  Date: 2012